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SUNVELLA High Oleic Healthy Restaurants

The following restaurants have embraced the SUNVELLA values of great taste and high nutrition by using High Oleic Healthy FryPure and or SunPure in the preparation of their cuisine. This is a reflection of their passion for providing the best dining experience for their guests. Additional High Oleic Healthy Restaurants will be added to this growing list as soon as they become SUNVELLA users.


Miami Culinary Institute

Green Gables Café

Fresh First

Sun Surf Sand

Farinelli 1937

Casabe 305 Bistro


Café Créme

Green Bar Kitchen

Kosher Kingdom

Spris Artisan Pizza

Salumeria 104

Beaker and Gray

crate miami restaurant

The Maven Baker

 Frenchie's Diner Crate
The Greek Place Myapapaya Riviera
Rooftop Strada In The Grove Via Verdi