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Riviera Focacceria Italiana

Authentic Italian in Midtown Miami with tastes and flavors of Liguria.

Fabio Domenichini, Chef Riccardo Vincis and Paolo Albertoni

We pride ourselves on serving true Italian ingredients that we use in every dish. That is the key to how we deliver the real Liguria tastes and favors. FryPure never interferes with the taste and flavors of our food. We even use it with our virgin olive oil to make our food extra light, and extra nutritious. Because FryPure has a higher oleic acid content than olive oil. It actually promotes more good cholesterol production in the body. And FryPure’s fryer-to-plate oil ratio is very low because food cooks quickly. FryPure’s high performance profile stays intact day after day and it has an extremely versatile cooking range all the way up to 450°F. It is molto special.

About Riviera Foccaceria Italiana

The restaurant is located at 3252 NE Buena Vista Blvd Miami FL 33137 and is open from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm, with Sunday opening at noon. You may learn more about the restaurant and view its menus at rivierafocacceria.com. Reservations at 786-220-6251.