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Myapapaya MIami
Fort Lauderdale’s first cold-pressed juicery and fresh kitchen.
Adam Kanner
Chef/Owner Adam Kanner
“We serve juices, smoothies, fresh plant-based dishes; and full dining menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner that feature eggs, toasts, cereal; and juices, soups, chicken, fish, bison, veggies, salads and specialty sides. Every ingredient has to be all natural. So when we tried Sunvella FryPure, and tasted how delicious it made in our cuisine, we were ecstatic to find out that it has a super high oleic acid content — with 15% more monounsaturated fat than olive oil. FryPure fits perfectly into our healthy cuisine profile. And it’s reined and super light, so it never gets in the way of the natural flavors of our original ingredients. We love that because everything we make is designed to energize, nourish, purify and revive your body. When people ask us what kind of oil we use, we are proud to say Sunvella FryPure."
About Myapapaya
It serves Ft. Lauderdale’s freshest sandwiches, organic salads, small batch soups and raw cold pressed juice for a healthy wholesome meal with the right balance of nutritious and health-giving benefits. It is open Mon – Sat, 8am-8pm; and for Sunday Bruch, 10am-4pm. Learn more about Myapapaya and view their menus at Reservations at 954 338-5651.