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Kosher Kingdom

kosher kingdom

Aventura’s authentic go-to kosher restaurant
Manager Samuel (Shmuel) Chein
“We use Sunvella FryPure refined sunflower oil to make sure all our fried delicacies and sautés are light and tasty. It has such a wide temperature range, all the way to 450°F, that food cooks quickly sealing in all the flavor of our seasonings and ingredients. And Sunvella SunPure sunflower oil is unrefined, so we use it to add extra flavor to all our dressings, sauces, fresh presentations and baked goods. But the best part is that both FryPure and SunPure have 12 grams of monounsaturated fat per tablespoon, so they are ‘high oleic’. That means that they actually promote the production of good cholesterol in the body. So everything we prepare with Sunvella Sunflower Oils is as nutritious as it is delicious. And both FryPure and SunPure are Parve, so they can be enjoyed by everyone.”
kosher kingdom kosher kingdom
About Kosher Kingdom
Kosher Kingdom’s 10,000 SF Glatt Kosher Supermarket is famous for its delicious prepared deli foods, fine butchered meats, dairy, produce, baked goods, cheeses, seafood, handmade pizzas, and full-menu catering service. For more information about Kosher Kingdom, and to view their menus visit
For door-to-door worldwide delivery call 305-792-7988.