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Coconut Grove’s authentic Italian Pizzeria and Cucina.

Co-Owner Maurizio Farinelli

“Our menu gets its diversity from its old world heritage Sunvella’s FryPure is so versatile that is can be used in any dish that calls for a high-temperature oil. With a smoke point of 450°F, food cooks quickly, and is lighter and less oily. It never interferes with the taste of our authentic ingredients, and can be used in concert with our virgin olive oil to ensure that our food tastes as delicious as it is nutritious. Because FryPure is very healthy. Its high oleic acid content actually promotes good cholesterol with every bite. And that’s important. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the best dining experience for our guests.”
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About Farinelli 1937
Farinelli 1937, the authentic Italian pizzeria and cucina is open seven days a week. Learn more about Farinelli 1937 and view their menu at farinelli1937.com.
Reservations at 305-648-9023.