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Eat This, Drink That, Go!

Jimmy Cefalo & Brenda Bassett

Dedicated to the love of Food, Wine, and Adventure.
Eat this drink that go

“EAT THIS. DRINK THAT. GO!” show hosts Jimmy Cefalo and Brenda Bassett have fallen in love with SUNVELLA High Oleic Sunflower Oils, and are actually using FryPure and SunPure both at home, and on the show as their go-to culinary oil. “Since I learned about SUNVELLA High Oleic Sunflower Oils, I have been using them all the time — during the cooking segments of the show, and in my own kitchen,” says Jimmy. “My whole family loves them. And because they are high in oleic acid, they deliver more monounsaturated fat than even olive oil. And that means more good cholesterol for you. That’s why FryPure and SunPure are known as the High Oleic Healthy culinary oils.”

Brenda adds, “As the exclusive distributor of Sunvella products, Edward Sartan is a truly a healthy food pioneer.  FryPure is extremely versatile, with a cooking range all the way up to 450°. Food cooks quickly, so the fryer-to-plate oil ratio is less. And SunPure adds a distinct gourmet flavor to everything from salads to baked goods. Everyone on the show, and in my home loves them." 

About Eat This. Drink That. Go.
A TV and radio show Eat this. Drink that. Go! It is Jimmy Cefalo and Brenda Bassett. Combined they have decades of experience in food, wine and travel marketing, events, broadcast and sales. Listen Live at WIOD610AM Saturday’s 8-10 AM. Also, tune into and Learn more at