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Cafe Creme

cafe creme

Miami’s Premier French Bakery and Full-Menu Restaurant

Owners Claude Postel and Corentin Finot

“We try to make every part of the Café Crème special. And that means that our ingredients have to real, all natural, and healthy. Sunvella FryPure High Oleic Sunflower Oil meets all those requirements, and more. FryPure keeps its high frying performance profile all day long. Its versatility is unmatched, with a cooking range all the way up to 450°F. Food cooks quickly. And the fact that t is refined means that all of the French flavor and taste of our baked goods and cuisine is extraordinaire. And any oil that does travel to the plate is extra healthy. Because FryPure actually promotes good cholesterol. Our guests love the taste of food prepared with FryPure.”

cafe creme

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cafe creme

About Café Crème
Café Crème is famous for its incredibly diverse and authentically French baked goods and cuisine, and is open daily from 7am – 10pm. Learn more about Café Crème and view their menu at
Reservations at (786) 409-3961.