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Kosher News: South Florida's Kosher BBQ Festival Goes High Oleic Healthy With SUNVELLA Oils

Fired Up Florida's Kosher BBQ Battle and Festival
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January 1st was celebrated in South Florida by kicking off Florida's first ever Kosher BBQ Battle and Festival, Fired Up FloridaGrill enthusiasts competed for the best Kosher BBQ in South Florida. Ribs, brisket and chicken were grilled and smoked to perfection, but only one winner was crowned Overall Grand Champion. Festival goers enjoyed kids activities, a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, a flag football championship, and was able to taste and order delicious Kosher cuisine. 
Fired Up Florida knows how important healthy options are to consumers, and that was the perfect reason to choose SUNVELLA Oils for their festival. SUNVELLA™ refined FryPure™ and unrefined SunPure™ High Oleic Sunflower Oils are non-GMO, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, vegan and paleo friendly, have no trans fat, and are rich in oleic acid. A higher percentage of oleic acid in a culinary oil can promote HDL, the good cholesterol. 
fired up florida sunvella
SUNVELLA proud sponsor of Fired Up Florida.
According to Chanah Freiden & Margo Rosman, Fired Up Florida Co-Chairs, “We were so happy to partner with Sunvella at the Fired Up Florida BBQ Competition & Festival. Using their oil not only made our food taste great but gave our fans something healthier to eat! Thank you Sunvella for giving us a healthier oil option!”
Fired Up Florida created  by Markus Cohn Photography

Why Eat Kosher?

It's no secret that eating healthy is on the rise. Consumer food preferences are trending toward healthy choices, and we see more people choosing kosher. 
According to market research posted by the New York Times, "...62 percent of people who buy kosher foods do so for quality reasons, while 51 percent say they buy kosher for its "general healthfulness." About one-third say they buy kosher because they think foods safety standards are better than with traditional supermarket foods."
Whatever the reason, it's easy to see, those that eat kosher do so because it's healthier.
Although eating kosher has been around for centuries, due to religious reasons, recent studies and articles have pointed out the health benefits.
Live Script stated that, "The health benefits of kosher foods are numerous. People who practice a strict kosher diet tend to be healthier than those who eat foods that are not kosher. "
Here are a couple reasons that they gave. 
"Cholesterol levels are typically much lower." 
"Another reason that a kosher diet is healthier is because it restricts pork. This “other white meat” has many more allergens than other types of meat. Most people who eat pork might not even know that it contains these allergens, but their body suffers health problems as a result."

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